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"Sunshine Coast Hydroseeding did an excellent job! Very pleased and couldn’t be happier. My lawn looks fantastic!" - Rob in Gibsons on April 14, 2023

New lawns, lawn repair and much more.

Sunshine Coast Hydroseeding provides expert Hydroseeding Services for New Lawns, Lawn Repair, Erosion Control, Bank Stabilization, Sports Turf, Wildflower Mixes and Dust Control. Hydroseeding is a fast, cost-effective, and efficient way to establish a healthy, lush lawn with uniform coverage and good moisture retention. Contact us to learn more.


There are several key benefits of hydroseeding over using seed or sod.



Hydroseeding is often less expensive than sod and can be a more affordable option for those on a budget.


Uniform coverage

Hydroseeding creates a more uniform coverage than traditional seeding methods, which helps to prevent patchiness or uneven growth in your lawn.


Better moisture retention

The mulch layer in hydroseeding helps to retain moisture, promoting healthier growth and reducing the need for watering.


Faster Germination

Hydroseeding results in faster germination times than traditional seeding methods, which means you can enjoy a beautiful lawn sooner.


Erosion control

Hydroseeding helps to control soil erosion by binding the seed, fertilizer, and other materials together with a slurry mixture.


Customizable options

Hydroseeding allows you to choose from a wide range of grass types, fertilizers, and other materials to meet your specific needs and preferences.

From bare ground to beautiful lawn. We handle it all.

We are fully equipped to handle every aspect of your new lawn installation including top soil preparation. Our equipment is ideally suited to complete your job efficiently and cost-effectively.



We offer 4 types of grass seeding mixtures.


All Purpose Sun & Shade Mix

This is Premier Pacific Seeds most popular grass mix and is ideal for both full sun and part shade conditions. It contains a mixture of high-performing ryegrass and fescue species. This mix is generally not recommended for overseeding because the fescue species are slower to germinate and will not compete well with mature grass plants.


Ryegrass Overseeding Mix

Use the Ryegrass Overseed blend for overseeding of lawn, new sports fields and fairways, and the repair and rejuvenation of existing turf grass stands. Regular overseeding will thicken turf grass and reduce the encroachment of weeds without the use of herbicides. This blend is comprised of wear-tolerant, quick-germinating perennial ryegrass varieties.


Quick Ryegrass Overseeding Mix

Quick Ryegrass Overseeding Blend is used for the rapid rejuvenation of sports fields and lawns. It contains Candidame third-generation turf-type annual ryegrass and Replicator-4N tetraploid perennial ryegrass that germinates faster under cooler temperatures compared to typical diploid perennial ryegrasses. The Quick Ryegrass Overseeding mix is an excellent option for early season overseeding or for extremely quick repair of damaged turf areas.


Low Maintenance Mix

The Premier Low Maintenance mix is a low growing option for areas that will not be fertilized or mowed often. The height of mature grass canopy will generally be below 24 inches. The Low Maintenance mix has high drought tolerance, low fertility requirements making it useful for lawns, ground cover areas, and low angle slopes for erosion control.


We offer 4 types of wildflower mixtures.


Coastal Wildflower Mix

Designed with the Northwest in mind, this popular mix is made up of 25 species, 55% annual and 45% perennial.


Partial Shade Wildflower Mix

Designed for hard to establish areas that are shaded. This mix is made up of 15 species, 70% annual and 30% perennials / biennials.


Pollinator Wildflower Mixes

Designed with pollen and nectar rich flowers that bloom from mid-spring into fall, they attract bees and other beneficial pollinator insects.


Meadow Mixes

Designed with drought tolerant fescue and our most popular wildflower formulas, these attractive low maintenance mixes are an excellent ground cover for meadows and banks.

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